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How To Remove Hide Glue

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Removing old glue from furniture. It stinks hide glue smells only as bad as a wet rawhide chew toy.

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Ancient hide glue techniques join modern woodworkingand practically everything else.

How to remove hide glue. What is hide glue. After fitting first cramp the board to the neck dry with 3 cramps making sure that the board is absolutely straight and where you want it in every respect then remove the bottom two cramps and insert glue with a palette knife then replace those two cramps. In modern times however cowhides are universally used.

By simply using hot glue you can place a block in a difficult place to reach by rubbing the block back and forth to remove the excess glue and holding in place for a few moments. In fact hide glue factories are commonly located near tanneries. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the surface is free of glue.

Liquid hide glue will not reactivate old hide glue however hot hide glue will reactivate old hide glue. There is no finish on the wood at this point. Remove the final traces of hide glue by wiping the surface with a clean rag soaked in vinegar.

Vinegar will also work on some pva glues like titebond. When i glue a new board to an old neck i use the idiot proof method. I need to un glue an assembly i made with titebond liquid hide glue this past weekend.

I attached a small emblem of purpleheart about 18 thick to a piece of qswo about 34 thick. Loosen the glue by scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. The emblem is rather small only 3 by 38 or at its biggest part but it tapers to about 18 in the middle.

Todays advanced pva adhesives like titebond ii are not so willing to deteriorate with heat. I began doing this knowing that it is an acid that will remove glue from wood insuring that there will be no white or blotchy spots from glue that show through the finish. Remove the loose glue with a clean damp rag.

Whenever i talk about glue to clubs and classes i hand around a bottle of liquid hide glue and ask them to tell me what its disadvantages are. Animal hide glue is made by decomposing the protein or collagen from animal hides. A hair dryer is often effective for softening the adhesive enough to break the joint.

Usually two to four minutes will suffice. Many pva adhesives from years past will soften with heat or moisture or both. Its not really a joint.

Its weak actually no it produces a bond stronger than the wood itself. The glue will begin to cool and gel immediately eliminating the need for a clamp. Hide glue is an excellent glue and been used for years long before the modern day glues.

Even so it is advisable to scrape the chunks off but it is not necessary to scrape to new wood as is a must when using other glues. Gram strength is an important factor with hide glue granules. Old fashion hide glue is one of the oldest kinds of adhesives on the planet but even in this age of snazzy high tech super glues it remains a highly useful sometimes indispensable addition to the woodworkers arsenal of stickums.

Almost any hide can be used including horsehides take the horse to the glue factory.

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Practical Primitive Skill Of The Month Hide Glue The Original

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